The Finest Rose Bouquets for Valentine's

There are a multitude of reasons why roses remain the universally celebrated floral symbol of romance - it could be the sculptural silhouette, the velvety petals - or the sweet scent. McQueens cupid’s revel crafting these iconic stems into seriously heart-fluttering forms - from the signature crimson Naomi variety to the summery Sweet Avalanche - we can’t get enough of this bloom in all its gorgeous guises. Meet some of our most beloved Valentine’s designs - each giving the rose a new incarnation. Which one will you choose?

Endless Love

The timeless union of the finest Naomi roses and plenty of forest green foliage remains a firm favorite and has established itself as a McQueens classic. 



Masses of scarlet stems make for an impressive St. Valentine’s Day gesture - and once crafted into a beautifully sculptured hand-tie bouquet by a McQueens master florist it will become the most of memorable gifts. 




The simplicity of white Avalanche roses, intertwined with dainty chamomile embodies its namesake and makes for a sophisticated and sweet alternative particularly for recipients who might not favour the more vivid Valentine’s hues!



And for the grand finale - meet Symphony, our most decadent creation amonsgt the collection. Standing at just over two feet tall - this display is brimming with a plethora of heart-skipping roses and winter favourites such as ranunculus and hellebores. A showstopper of magnificent proportions.



The Valentine's Collection is available for same-day delivery in NYC from February 11th - 14th in for orders placed before 10am. Only while flowers are available.